Every way to express your brand: but a bit unlike the rest. Combine textures, minimal lines, pops-of colors, experimental photography and even perhaps at times something that looks a little bit grotesque: You're bound to have a brand identity that stands out from the crowd.

Fabl, a B2B SaaS story telling platform, is trying to differentiate themselves in a hugely overcrowded space: landing page and website builders, while accommodating the needs of large corporations like GE, GQ, and IBM.​​​​​​​
An easy to build, wysiwyg page builder with customizable animations, pre-designed templates fully white-labled, to allow brands to express themselves—allowing the user to design without a designer, and code without a coder.
Responsive Homepage — Branded Publishing Platform — Content Strategy — Competitor Analysis — UX + UI Overhaul — Drag and Drop Web App — Analytics & Data Visualization — Executive Deck & Marketing Resources  

The Brand & The Stories
A platform that helps you determine your most lucrative publications and the best time to re-engage your readers.
Simplifying complex data to better assist in creating successful stories.
And of course... do it all while on the go.

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